The Inkeo Way
We help you achieve excellence in business and technology in five effective steps:



We appraise your situation, establish project objectives and measures of success;



We assess value of project to you and propose options for engaging us;



We launch a collaboration project, transfer knowledge and skills to you;



We adjust and optimize our engagement in collaboration with you;



We gradually reduce your dependence on us up to point of disengagement;

Here are some of the ways we’ve helped customers

Business & Management Technology Personal Development
  • Trusted Advisor
    Assist top executives as a “sounding board” for ideas, evaluator and enabler of strategy change
  • Strategic Rebirth
    Create new brands, digital marketing venues, talent attraction and retention, customer-centric reorganization
  • Social Media
    Enable you to leverage and evolve social networking, social media
  • Value-based Consulting
    Evolution away from the lunacy of “hourly billing” to “value-based fees”. Applicable to sales, professional services and engineering organizations.
  • Agile Scrum
    We help people learn how to perform twice as well in half the time.
  • Customer Relationship Management CRM)
    We can help you sell, service, and succeed with your customers and partners. We offer a simple, responsive, cloud-ready tool INKEO VARVIA. We also have expertise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM,, SugarCRM, VTiger, ACT! and other products.
  • The Art of Living
    Most people are taught a great deal of academic, artistic, and scientific knowledge, yet very little about how to live. We help you master more important matters such as happiness, resilience, tenacity, relationships, and reflective thinking.
  • Presentation Coaching
    Once upon a time Steve Jobs was known as a great presenter. We help you learn how to speak and act persuasively, effectively and passionately.