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The Lay Of The Land

of your business, to master it you need tools, others have built complex ones, we built Varvia.

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Varvia Contacts

Manage customer contacts, qualify prospects, jot notes, create tasks, schedule appointments, save files and folders online, cross-entity search, and more

Varvia Sales

Varvia Contacts plus effectively manage sales opportunities, quotations, vendors, products, parts, kits, prices, sales regions, price classes, price guarantees, and more

Varvia Lifecycle

Varvia Contacts and Sales plus excellent management of purchases from vendors, orders from customers, tracking of renewals, customer service cases, and more

Varvia Reseller

Make money reselling Varvia. We welcome Software-as-a-service (SAAS) providers, internet service provider (ISP), value-added resellers (VAR), enterprise system integrators (ESI), cloud-computing providers, and more.

Inkeo software helps us provide comprehensive Customer Lifecycle management. It is an essential tool for our organization
- Manager of Licensing and Customer Care, Zentra / The Herjavec Group.

Clever Customer Cloud
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