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Varvia is available On-Premise or In-Cloud

When you need electricity, gas, or water, you don’t go and build a power plant or a dam, you just subscribe to a monthly plan from a utility provider. Why should computing be different?

With us, you have options: you can purchase a Varvia server license and only pay a monthly per-user fee. Alternatively, you can sign-up for Varvia as a managed service (cloud) thru one of our hosting partners.

Varvia is accessible from a web browser, on a mobile, laptop, or desktop

Android, Google, Internet Explorer, Firefox, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Safari, Windows, Blackberry

Varvia is password-protected

Each user of Varvia has a user name and a password which can only be changed by a secret question and answer set by the user

Fast Prospects, Fast Accounts

When in a hurry or faced with small mobile screen, you can quickly add a prospect or a new customer. Later, you can enter more information

Go Menu: Purist, Quickest Possible Simplicity

Quickly access all of Varvia’s functions and revisit recent items and settings from one menu

View Accounts

Each customer account is summarized in one page and you and your employees or partners can view and change company and contact information, notes, tasks, opportunities, quotations, purchase and sales transactions, service cases, and any other historic information

Shared Calendar

Simple, effective way to organize your time


Plan and manage your sales objectives or deals. Some people call this a “sales funnel” or “sales pipeline”

Sales Quotations

Create and email clear, professional looking offers to your customers. Quickly visit quotations queue to see which quotations are in draft, in internal approval, sent to customer, accepted, or rejected

Online Files & Folders

Upload documents, invoices, pictures, or other files, access them from anywhere

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